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January 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

A community can only work with you. Ubuntu, the name now more commonly associated with the computer language or OS as an alternative to the ubiquitous windows architecture or the artists favorite MacOS, is a southern African word which infers that we find our humanity through others; without the ‘other’; you and me, him, him and her, them, then we cannot interact, develop, rub against each other’s sore points, dialogue etc. We stay in our ordered, structured and often monotonous, colour blind life using the collective analytical side of our brains and thus creating order and structure without any real growth or shift. We stay in the niche that is familiar, and altho’ grow in our own heterarchy we often are unable to grow into another niche and experience that ontological moment or a real interior shift.

We realize that entering a community doesn’t mean all will change; that apathy and the normal may prevail, and we will be registered but not active. That is up to you. You can make this community what it could be, or it will simply be an occasional meeting place for ideas, thoughts, problems etc. Have  a great new year, and we welcome you to this portal.

January 2013  Solihin

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